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This website is for the education and support of the victims of organized War on Terror programs, victims of Biological Warfare (Morgellons, AIDS, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme), Electronic Harassment and Gangstalking. These are all weapons in the silent war against the people of earth. These programs were designed to make slaves of us all. Spread a little love today wherever you can and show your fellow humans you are in favor of the greatest of all things – LOVE. This is what separates us above all other collections of molecules in the universe.

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EPISODE 66 – Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Time: 02/26/2017 08:30 PM EST
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This brochure explains how Targeted Individuals are covertly implanted with electronic devices, then stalked with cell phones that turn on devices to stimulate pain responses.

Video’s by Skizit Gesture

— Introduction —

If you have Morgellons, you are a Targeted Individual who has been attacked with a biological or entomological weapon.  For some, it is a non-lethal weapon but some people have died within a week of coming into contact with its pathogens which can cause a severe cytokine reaction.  Making the human body a host to foreign insects, worms and plants requires genetic changes within the body. The introduction of foreign genes causes the immune system to react, thus the victim .

URL – http://www.nature.com/gt/journal/v11/n1s/full/3302364a.html

Morgellons is a severely physically debilitating disease.

Some claim that Morgellons has been around for centuries, but the presence of various unusual fibers, genetically modified organisms (animals and plant), man-made objects, self-assembling objects, nano-technology, robots and specimen with writing indicate this is a new phenomenon.

Highly colored fibers are only a part of the picture. People also have worms living in their skin (nematodes, cystodes and helminths). Some people have animals living in their urinary and digestive tracts, lungs, eyes, nose and ears. The animal infestations are systemic and resistant to treatment. Vegetables, plants, seeds and trees have also been found in people in the United States where you would expect no such disease.

Bioweapons are taking quality of life and life itself away from its victims. The present systematic  “permanent solution” retirement program is removing undesirable (age, religion, political beliefs, physically and mentally handicapped, whistle-blowers, justice seekers, lawsuit clients, Mk Ultra/Monarch victims & more…) citizens from the grid because they are not the “right persons.” Hmm, sound familiar?  Didn’t society declare that it didn’t want Nazism and genocide to be repeated?  Well, its here again in its early but well organized stages.

 Index of the main page:
  • 1.  Introduction
  • 2.   Characteristics of Morgellons
  • 3.   Is Morgellons a Man-Made Condition?
  • 4.   Fibers
  • 5.   Bacteria
  • 5.   Crystals and Hexagons
  • 6.   Man-made objects, robots, machines and electronics
  • 7.   Diseased hair or hair loss
  • 8.   Diseased skin
  • 9.   Diseased blood
  • 10. Inability to think clearly people call “brain fog”
  • 11.  Animals and arthropods in skin, hair, eyes
  • 12  Nano-biology and Materials
  • 13. History of Morgellons
  • 14. Scientific studies on Morgellons
  • 15. Morgellons specimen
  • 16. Treatment or Cure
  • 17. Morgellons Websites

Skizit Gesture’s Youtube Channel

Extra-judicial Torture of US Citizens in the United States of America using Radio Frequencies, Scalar, Microwave and Radar Technologies

TI’s are being tortured with technology developed and paid for by the US Government, in a program instituted by Janet Reno in 1994 through the Justice Department, using research done by universities and carried out by contractors, states, cities, police departments, drug dealers, the mob and ordinary stupid robot citizens who treat TI’s like experimental research animals using the new health care system technology, implanting remotely operated medical body area network devices that are stimulated to vibrate and heat their bodies to destroy tissues and disassemble their bodies

— like a slave owner who abuses their slaves with knives, cattle prods, shocks, stabbing pains, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, destroying their bodies, their lives and their futures.

4 5G LTE/Wifi is being used to communicate with your implants! TI’s are GPS’d and once the system has locked in, the pictures and data are broadcast on cable TV or Facebook!

 Eventually, the government intends for every human to have this electronic implant system in place so EVERYONE CAN BE CONTROLLED AND REMOTELY PUNISHED!

The new health-care will require all patients to be implanted with a system of electronic devices which read, record and communicate a person’s bodily functions to police, firemen, medics, hospitals, and anyone else who has the MAC address or ID of your implants.

Targeted Individuals are already being covertly implanted with these tiny sensors which include brain reading capability.  This system is not being used for health-care. It is being used for extreme surveillance and torture, heating, vibrating and stimulating pain.

MORE INFORMATION ON BODY AREA NETWORKS: http://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/15/5/11993/htm”>HERE

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